iPhone5 iOS7.X Sprint SMS/Internet/4S iOS7.X Sprint Internet Patch

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iPhone5 iOS7.X Sprint SMS/Internet/4S iOS7.X Sprint Internet Patch

R-SIM Cards’ activation program (3G Patch) download
NOR-SIM Cards’ activation program 3G Patch Download (Please download the correspondent softwares according to your purchase time. If not sure about the software type, please download both No.1 and No.2 software to test)
1iPhone5 iOS7.X Sprint SMS/Internet/4S iOS7.X Sprint Internet Patch Download:
2R-SIM 4G/3G USIM 128K Nano Patch Install


R-SIM 4G/3G128K USIM Nano patch Installation Instructions

The first step: Connect your iPhone with WIFI(Make sure that network speed is good), and open your iPhone desktop Safari web browser(as the following picture)


The second step:Please input R-SIM 3G/4G 128K USIM Cards patch address: www.rsim5.com/nano4g, after that, please click “GO”, and then click “Free Installation”



The third step:Please click “Install”, and on the desktop, it will show the icon”Installing....”


The fourth step:After finishing the above steps, the desktop will show complete “iROse TOOL”, and please click the icon again, into “iPhone 5 special USIM Patch”, and finally, please click “OK”


The fifth step:Please click “Open”, and then restart your iPhone. And now, you could use R-SIM8+.


The sixth step:When clicking “iROse TOOL”, it is not available. Please do not worry and check whether 4G 128K USIM patch is installed successfully. The method as follows: Please click “Setting-General-Provisioning”, please make sure that provisioning shows  “verified”. So, you iPhone has finished the installation of this activation software. And finally, please restart your iPhone and use R-SIM.



   R-SIM3 Activation Software 5.1.2 Version, updating iOS7.X  iphone5(Sprint) perfectly solving the problems of GSM, WCDMA 186USIM, Nano 128K/256K, 3G/4G sim cards’ SMS and EDGE Internet.Note: Please open 2G in R-SIM3 Activation Software, solving the problem of iOS7.X 4S(Sprint)2G internet. 
R-SIM has been imitated, but never surpassed.R-SIM cards activation program is the assist firmware of the end of R-SIM PC end. It mainly solve the 3G/4G-128/256K SIM Card problem for iPhone 4S and 5 IOS7、IOS6(IOS6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2,6.1.3,6.1.4),4S/iphone Sprint, Verzion, etc... And the Sprint iPhone 5 SMS, Internet problem solved by the 3G patch. The R-SIM cards usability is more stabilize, more perfect, It suits for all over the world and all the iPhone 4S, don’t need jailbreak, and the GSM WCDMA perfect unlock. Welcome to download!

Notes(Attention:security code is to distinguish the genuity of R-sim card, while activation code is to activate 3G/4G-128/256K SIM Card of iphone. DO NOT CONFUSE):

1. R-SIM_4S activation card need to problem on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 or higher version. If it can’t run, please download it first: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
http://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/details.aspx?id=1639 2. Please make sure your iPhone 4S can’t do jailbreak before installing this activation program. If you are the WCDMA 3G SIM card user, please install this activation program, then do jailbreak later. If you want to use the 2G SIM card, it doesn’t need to to install this activation program.

The instruction of the R-SIM activation program

(Before installation, please ensure whether your PC has installed iTunes. If not, please download and install the iTunes, and then reboot):

1. Please open the activation program, then connect your iPhone 4S into the PC. (If something not compatibly, please close them, and add them to believable )


2. Click INTALL


3. Choosing the right SIM card carrier. Note: Unicom is the 3G /4G-128/256kSIM card, CMCC is the 2G SIM card.


4.2. After choosing the sim card carrier, please input the 12("W" START) digitals R-SIM 

original activation card number. Then click the “OK”


5.2.Now, the iPhone 4S/I5 will shows the tips of the description folders, Please install Now. 


6.Click Patch.  Settings-General-Profiles-2Instaled


7.After completed, please restart your iPhone. R-SIM3-Patch-NO


8.8.the PC will aslo shows the Installation Complete,

Note: after unlock the iPhone with R-SIM cards. Please go to Setting-general-Cellular-, 

turn on the data roaming . APN(3G-3GNET) 

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