R-SIM V 5+ unlock sim for Iphone 4S AT&T/Verizon& Sprint, IOS 5~ IOS6

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R-SIM V 5+ unlock sim for Iphone 4S AT&T/Verizon& Sprint, IOS 5~ IOS6 unlock turbo sim for Iphone 4S AT&T, Verizon & Sprint 5.1.1, 5.1,6.0 In stock, ready to ship!

This one is LATEST version of rsim!BETTER SUPPORT IOS6!the yellow one WON'T work for IOS6!.

R-sim 5+ is using F981 chip, and it is more stable.

This item is for Iphone 4S ONLY.

R-sim 5+ support AT&T IPhone 4S 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1,

No operation needed for AT&T iphone 4s. Plug and Play!

Full compatible Baseband 1.0.11 / 1.0.13 / 1.0.14 / 2.0.10 /2.0.12/3.0.04

Support Verizon & Sprint 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1,6.0

Baseband 1.0.11/1.0.13/1.0.14/2.0.10 / 2.0.12/3.0.04

How to Use on IOS5(it's not available use CDMA for IOS6,because need jailbreak)

If your IPHONE is CDMA,eg: Verizon,Spring of USA, AU of Japan, Before using the unlock card,don't jailbreak.
Pls enter settings =>>General =>>Reset =>> Erase All Content and Settings. Before do this pls save your data.

Because a number in the phone must be erased. After Erase, pls choose the corresponding carrier as we said

in above. then to see if the phone can get the signal. if the iphone can not be unlocked when it not jailbreak. then you have to jailbreak your iphone, after jailbreak,
pls do as below:

Step1: add source V.BACKSPACE.JP/REPO, install “CommCenter patch”.

Step2: add www(dot)gevey4g(dot)net/cydia to the “ Cydia”.

Step3: switch on again,add the source"apt.178.com",then search:TetherMe,select 2.3-9 version and install.

Step4: insert SIM card and R-SIM5 unlock card,select the phone version and operator,then restart the phone, automatical unlocking will be done after waiting about 3 mins.

1.After select the operator,you need to restart the IPHONE.
2.As the operator is selected,the selection menu will not spring out automatically.If the operator is needed to be selected again,another SIM card is needed to be changed for.
3.EDIT IMSI Mode1(note: this MODE1 is universal mode,signal can be tracked at once),by this Mode,operators that are not listed can be edited.To edit the 7 digits' IMSI No.,pls refer to the following.
4.EDIT IMSI Mode2(note:This MODE2 is a special mode.It will take a longer time to track the signal.However,this mode can support the operators and SIM that MODE1 can't support,eg:for US T-Mobile,when you select MODE2,the Iphone can be unlocked successfully and the signal can be tracked at once.You need to restart the Iphone again everytime the sim card is changed.)By this Mode,operators that are not listed can be edited.

Will ship by air mail from HongKong directly!not from China! fast and safe! 

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