New PS2 700XX serials IDE/SATA hdl upgrade board

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The IDE/SATA Hard Drive Connection Tool is a revolutionary product for your 700XX PSTwo.The HD Connect is an innovative HD 'connector' allowing you to connect an SATA hard drivefor use with the PSTwo 700XX Slimline. This is the only way to connect an SATA hard driveto your PStwo slimline. There are various USB solutions but the HD Connect offers a fasterdata transfer time. Currently the HD Connect requires the use of DMS4 Pro type chip with acompatible BIOS OS. 

Now, with the use of HD Connect, you can simply load original, purchased games onto anattached PS2 hard disk, and then run the original, purchased game later on from there.Faster loading, no need to mess with original game disks etc. A must have for all PSTwoSlimline users! Ever wanted to load your original, purchased PS2 games onto your harddrive and then run them without the hassle of swapping discs? Ever been annoyed by theextremely long loading times while reading data from an original, purchased game disc? HDConnect solves these problems and does so much more. HD Connect makes gaming moreconvenient by allowing you to store your original, purchased games on an attached hard diskdrive, eliminating the need to change discs each time you wish to play a different game. 


Fixed all bugs of old SATA HDD kit,perfect running SATA HDD as IDE HDD!


This item contain:

1 piece of SATA interface connection board

1 piece SATA cable.

1 piece of 5V connection wire.

1 Piece of cable for power supply to 2.5 inch HDD case.

This board just for user who had bought old HDD it,just for upgrade,it can not be installed to a new console.





This sata hdl board can support 2.5inch HDD case power supply,please click the link below for introduce:


Support PS2 700xx serials only 


There are some installed photo below for reference:



New 700XX serials HDL KIT

New 700XX serials HDL KIT




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