Modify USB controller to play crystal style dongles for esky 0905A or others

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If you have any USB controller or any transmitter that you want to modify it to use crystal style dongles-this way can help you!

This board can make ppm signal with your USB controller or any transmitter-now you see the picture below:

There are 3 solder points-5V-ppm signal out and GND.solder with the cable for plug crystal style dongles(red wire is 5V-black is GND-green or white is ppm signal out)..

Remove the original wires and solder the new wires from this kit-there is 4 channels cable:orange-blue-yellow and purple-solder them in the middle pin of the rheostat-solder red or black beside.

Drill a 5.5mm diameter hole as good as you can.

Now install the switch.

Fix your cable and plug all cables

Finished! the new controller can be availabled for support any crystal style dongles now!the power supply is from crystal style dongles!


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The package contains 5 channels modify board for crystal style simulator dongles-4 channels cable-1 switch with soldered cable-1 cable for crystal style dongles.

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