Ultra force simulator dongle for FMS Realflight G2/G3.5/G5.5/G6/G6.5/G7/RF7.5 Reflexxtr/ PhoenixRC all version/AEROFLY5.7.1.9

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Support FMS Realflight G2/G3.5/G5.5/G6/G6.5/G7/RF7.5 Reflexxtr/ PhoenixRC all version/AEROFLY5.7.1.9

The package contains:

Ultra force all in one simulator dongle support FMS Realflight G2/G3.5/G6/G6.5/G7/RF7.5 Reflexxtr/ PhoenixRC all version/AEROFLY5.7.1.9 (it won't need patch to play the downloadable program update,software)

No CD included,but software downloadable.

Contain G5/G6/G7.5 keys,the key from our website support online update and play online.

RF7 KEY IS AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS ITEM CONTAINS RF7.5 KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Realflight G7 launcher

Realflight G6 launcher

Can play Airplane and Heli MEGA PACK!!

Click here to download maga pack!

G6 online














G6 online





G6 online














G6 online

















Support PhoenixRC update to latest version to play online.

G6 online














G6 online














G6 online













G6 online

G6 online


























G6 online














G6 online















G6 online














G6 online















G6 online














G6 online














G6 online














Support Aerofly5 update to to play online.





New version of Aerofly!value over $200!

AeroFly offers a wide variety of features for RC-pilots. This page will show you some of them.

New key for update to! Download now! please ask me for the password if you bought from our website.

What's new in

Changes for version

  • Small performance optimizations
  • Bug fix for the two player splitscreen mode
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for the binocular view
  • Minor translation fixes

Changes for version

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for the binocular view
  • Minor translation fixes

Changes for version

  • Over 30 new models: Akaflieg SB-13, Beechcraft Baron 58, Bird of Time, Blade 400, Bleriot XI, Boeing B17, Borjet Cam-Flyer Q, Borjet Maja, Caliber 90 Staysee, Christen Eagle, D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide, DG 808c, Douglas DC3, Eurocopter Tiger, FAI Evo Next, Focke Wulf Fw 190, Foka 4, Fokker DR1, Freedom Glider, Hall Bulldog, Ju 52, Messerschmitt Bf109, Multiplex Cularis, Multiplex Funjet, Multiplex Merlin, Multiplex Xeno, Piper Cub, Sbach 342 (2 design variants), Spitfire MK 9, Swift S-1, Tomahawk Design Futura (2 sizes), Wright Flyer
  • New photo sceneries: Hahnweide, Torrey Pines (USA), Venice (Florida, USA), Salzburg, Wurmlingen Indoor hall
  • Improved graphic options
  • TrackIR support
  • height dependant air pressure simulation
  • Fully functional cockpit instruments (for the Swift-S1 glider)
  • Large winch for True Scale gliders





Realflight G6 is supported now!

Realflight G6 launcher

Realflight G6 launcher

This is new version crystal style USB simulator all in one dongle supports FMS/Realflight G2/G3.5/G4/G4.5/G5/G6 xtr/Phoenix all versions/Aerofly5.5

This dongle can support SANWA and walkera transmitter now. maybe walkera need 1 set amplifier.about the amplifier-please visit the link below:



Training modes for helicopters




Especially helicopter pilots will enjoy the new helicopter specific features like hover trainer and the Autoration trainer for practicing Autorotation landings. The hover trainer is ideally suited for beginners.





State of the art physics simulation




The new physics engine of AeroFly 5 brings ultimate realism to your PC. Critical maneuvers like stalls, torque rolls and helicopter flying are handled just as in real life. Besides that the new wind simulation with dynamic windfields and thermics give you an all over new flight feeling.






Torque roll trainer




Having difficulty flying a torque roll? The new torque roll trainer will assist you. Simply choose the functions you want to control and the computer will take care of the rest.






4D sceneries




In our new 4D sceneries you may choose your position freely. But besides that you can change the time of day, type of clouds, fog and wind settings. 4D sceneries are also ideal to fly behind your model.




Click on the spots in the below image to see some spots of the 4D scenery Norrison Island.






Due to the detailed 3D-graphics and the time consuming physics simulation it is highly recommended that your computer system matches the following minimum computer specifications to achieve a smooth simulation speed. For best performance and if you want to use 4D-sceneries your system should match the Recommended system requirements


  Minimum system requirements for Windows PCs


  - Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon64 compatible CPU with 2,4 GHz

 - 1 GB of RAM

 - 8 GB free hard disc memory

 - DVD-ROM drive

 - OpenGL Version 2.1 compatible 3D-graphics card from NVIDIA

 or ATI with 256MB (at least as fast as NVIDIA 7600GT or ATI HD


 - Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

 - A free USB port to connect the USB Interface / GameCommander

 - If you want to use your own transmitter, please read here


Please note: 4D sceneries only run on the recommended system platform.


 Recommended system requirements for Windows PCs


 - Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2

 - OpenGL Version 3.1 compatible 3D-graphics card from NVDIA

 or ATI with 512 MB. At least as fast as NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or

 ATI Radeon HD4850

 - For optimum sound quality we recommend a high quality

 stand-alone PCI soundcard, e.g. Creative Audigy


  Supported 3D graphic cards


Here we will give an overview of supported 3D graphic cards for AeroFly 5. Please note that the 3D graphic card is the most important part to achieve a smooth simulation. Therefore carefully review this text and check if your card matches the requirements.


Please note: All 3D graphic cards NOT listed here and older than these cards a likely not compatible and are not recommended for AeroFly 5. If in doubt, please contact us.


Compatible 3D graphic cards:


 - NVIDIA GeForce 7000er series: 7600GT, 7800, 7900, 7950

 - NVIDIA GeForce 8000er series: 8600, 8800

 - NVIDIA GeForce 9000er series: 9600, 9800

 - NVIDIA GeForce 200er series: GTS 240, GTS 250, 260, 275, 280, 285, 295

 - NVIDIA GeForce M-series for Notebooks: 8800M, 9700M, 9800M, 160M and 250M

  (ensure you install the special NVIDIA notebook driver version 195.62 or newer!)

 - ATI Radeon HD 3000er Serie: 3650, 3690, 3830, 3850, 3870

 - ATI Radeon HD 4000er Serie: 4650, 4670, 4730, 4750, 4770, 4830, 4850, 4860, 4870, 4890



The performance difference of the above cards is huge. To run the new 4D-sceneries or to run AeroFly 5 in a high resolution, we strongly recommend to install a high end 3D graphic card, like a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 with 1GB or an ATI HD Radeon 4870 with 1GB. If you are happy with only photo sceneries you can pick a slower graphics card.



Recommendation: Our current recommendation for good performance at a reasonable price we can recommend the ATI Radeon HD 4890 card with 1GB of RAM. This card can display all 4D-sceneries at high quality settings even at high resolutions of 1920x1200





 over 50 models:





 float planes

over 30 photo sceneries with places from all over the world

6 4D-sceneries

adjustable weather conditions like time of day, wind, fog

adjustable cloud settings

various contests: limbo, balloon pop, air race, pylon race

training aids:

 torque roll training

 autorotation practice

 hover trainer



multi pano technology

extensive wind simulation:

 dynamic soaring

 windfield display

 objects move in wind ( trees, wind wheel, wind sock, clouds )

modell editor with over 200 adjustable parameters

multiplayer mode with up to 8 players over LAN or internet

winch simulation for glider start

glider tow feature

recording center: record, save, play and exchange recorded flights.

easy user interface

animated water simulation


On this page you will find a selection of original AeroFly 5 screenshots. Each picture is an actual, unmodified screenshot. Click on a picture to view a larger version.






























This device support use USB power supply to transmitter-it means you don't need to insert battery to power the transmitter on-save battery life and more convenient to use simulator.please visit the link below:



New version of Aerofly!value over $200!

AeroFly 5.5 offers a wide variety of features for RC-pilots. This page will show you some of them.



Wide varity of models




AeroFly 5.5 features a wide variety of models to choose from. Click on the image to see an overview of more models.






Huge selection of sceneries




AeroFly 5.5 also offers a great selection of sceneries. You can either pick from more than 30 photo sceneries or choose one of our new 4D sceneries.









For glider pilots




AeroFly 5.5 offers you great features for glider flying such a glider tow, winch simulation and realistic wind simulation.




If you just a beginer,it's lucky to see this product,it 's made in TaiWan,it 's good for learn how to control an RC aircraft with computer,that's like a true flying,unlimited crush!lower cost to learn a good skill!

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